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Anovite provides you a unique way to earn income while enriching your health with life changing products. We offer support to our clients with marketing materials, training videos, and samples to help you live a life on your terms.

What is a Network Marketing Company?

Many people have ideas about network marketing but few truly understand what it is. Network Marketing, or Multi-level Marketing, or the best way to describe this, Direct Selling, has been around since the beginning of commerce. Some of the most common business names we know are from direct selling companies.

Direct sales is all about caring and sharing
through independent sales reps!

Good products attract good customers and where there are customers there is a need for sales representatives. This is the opportunity that Network Marketing companies provide to people. The opportunity to start their own business, be their own boss, and earn as much as they want to. Whether they work their business part or full-time, the choice is theirs to make.

An old legitimate sales model

Network Marketing or Direct Selling companies did NOT reinvent the wheel!

Businesses run on business models. There are many different ways a business makes its money. Through stores, distributor stores, online, and through independent sales representatives.


To be a customer of a product is great, to be able to start your own business and find other people who like the product and buy it is even better because you then start making money on their purchases and sales! The opportunity extends to them as well, where they too can start their own business and find sales reps under them. Simple concept, powerful outcome.

  • Network Marketing is a BIG industry!

    As a sales person, the size of the industry you are in can determine the potential you have to make money. No doubt, making a lot of money takes work, but it is far easier to do it in an industry with $190 billion dollars floating around than it is in one with $1 billion.


    If you want to control your financial destiny, the only way to truly do this is work for yourself where you can grow as big as you want to. Picking an industry that has plenty of room for this growth is an essential part of the plan.

Two ways to earn with Anovite

  • 1

    Sell a product and earn commissions off the sales of the product.

  • 2

    Start your own business and build a team of sales reps under you and earn money from their sales.

  • Network Marketing is About Working For Yourself!

    Working for yourself requires discipline. It isn’t for everyone. The key point is what you put in, you get out. Being able to choose your hours and your income is a powerful way to create life-changing results. Doing it with a company that will support you and your success is even better.


    Anovite cares about our business builders and our leaders are always here to help you on your path to success!

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